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Falcon Eyes DESAL D-S811 LED Panel RGBW 200W

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Thanks to Indie Filmmaker for making the feature video for our D-S811!

Learn more about D-S811 LED Panel RGBW 200W

Features: • Color temperature adjustable from 2800K-10000K • Color balance adjustable from G/M +/-1 • Support RGB separate control • Support HSI control • Preset Rosco and LEE Filters • Preset Effect mode • Support firmware update • Available for 16 bit DMX-512 and Smartphone Application control • CRI up to 95 and TLCI up to 93 • OLED Display • Bluetooth 5.0 (APP) Remote Control (up to 25m control distance) • English / Chinese Language Setting

DESAL-8 Bluetooth 5.0 APP Control Instruction (APP Download)

DESAL-8 Instruction Manual Download

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