Control Box

Control Box

Falcon Eyes ROLL-FLEX Control Box, please choose and purchase for the correct model.


CX-12T : For RX-12T
CX-12TD : For RX-12TD
CX-18T : For RX-18T
CX-18TD : For RX-18TD

CX-18TDX : For RX-18TD / RX-18TDX
CX-24TDX : For RX-24TDX
CX-36TDX : For RX-36TDX

CX-48TDX : For RX-48TDX

CX-120TDX : For RX-120TDX


CX-718 II : For RX-718

CX-724 II : For RX-724

CX-736 II : For RX-736

CX-748 II : For RX-748


CX-818 : For RX-818

CX-824 : For RX-824

CX-836 : For RX-836

CX-848 : For RX-848


CP-5TD : For P-5TD


Note : AC power supply is not included with ths purchase, you may purchase in the link below;


  • Important Note!

    Please leave us a remark if you need the old or new pin configuration.
    New pin configuration : with circular sticker 
    Old pin configuration : without circular sticker
    Note that it is very important to match the pin configuration of your control box and AC power supply.

Control Box
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