The FalconEyes Roll-Flex LED flex light is developed with the latest LED technology (CRI Ra 95+) to perform roll-able and flex-ible movement with a cloth material housing that's only 10mm in thickness.
The Roll-Flex comes in different sizes to aim for all kinds of shootings and microfilming.
30 x 45cm (RX-12T / RX-12TD)
45 x 60cm (RX-18T / RX-18TD)
121 x 24cm (RX-29TDX) 
62 x 62cm (RX-24TDX)
RX-12T (30 x 45cm) / 34W / Daylight
RX-12TD (30 x 45cm) / 50W / Bi-color
RX-18T (45 x 60cm) / 62W / Daylight
RX-18TD (45 x 60cm) / 100W / Bi-color
RX-29TDX (121 x 24cm) / 100W / Bi-color / DMX
RX-24TDX (62x 62cm) / 150W / Bi-color / DMX
It is handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great for both studio and outdoor use.
With the help of the tilting X-bracket, user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a LED panel.
Model: RX-24TDX
Size: 62.5 x 62.5cm
Power: 150W
No. of LED (SMD): 756pcs
Operating Voltage: DC-15V 10A (compatible with V-mount battery)/ AC adaptor (included)
Color Temperature: 3000K - 5600K (step-less)
Dimming: 0-100% Step-less dimming
Beam Angle: 10-360°
CRI: 95
LUX: 11600 (0.5m) / 3790 (1m) / 1060 (m)

    Silver Steel Plate
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