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Hung Hom Shop: F25, 1/F, Hung Hom Square, 39 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, KLN.
紅磡店: 香港九龍紅磡馬頭圍道39號紅磡廣場一樓25舖
HK$1900 SATEL ONE 外拍閃燈
Basic information:

GN: 68
Li-ion Battery 14.8V-3000mAh
No. of flashes (full charged): ~250 times
Recycling time: 0.1 - 4 s
Charging time: ~6 hrs
Operating Power: Replaceable internal battery
Over-heat protection: yes
Triggering: 2.4F receiver, Photo sensor, Sync cord, Test Button
LED modeling: 5W
Beeper switch: on / off
Color Temp.: 5500K ± 200 K
Size: 29 x 11.5 x 19 cm
Weight: 2.2 KG (with battery)
Product number:SATEL ONE 外拍閃燈

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