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Richter Studio Flash
Basic information:

Germany "Richter" Studio Flash

德國 "麗達" 影樓燈

影樓閃燈 STAR系列

  • STAR-250 (15~250Ws)
  • STAR-500 (31~500Ws)

特價 HK$5,980

  • 2支 STAR-250影樓燈
  • 2個 傘用反光罩
  • 1條 3m同步線
  • 2支 48" / 122cm反光傘
  • 2支 2.6m三腳架
  • 反光傘升級至 SB-6090柔光箱 每個加 $380

  • 升級 STAR-500 影樓燈 每支 加 $500

影樓閃燈 GS系列

GS Series

  • GS 300 (310Ws)
  • GS 600 (620Ws)
  • GS 900 (868Ws)
  • GS1200 (1240Ws)
  • GS1500 (1488Ws)
  • GS1800 (1860Ws)
  • Electric eye and IR triggering switch-off
  • Quick-change reflectors mechanism
  • Steppless (42stops) adjustment over 4 diaphragms for 1/1 to 1/16
  • Proportional separate regularizatione of the modelling lamp, switchable to full or off
  • LED loading control display
  • Flash trigger control via dimming of modelling light, On/Off
  • Excess energy either through flash trigger
  • More light thanks to new high-tech flash capacitors
  • Umbrella holder integrated on the housing
  • 2 photo cell (infrared sensitive)
  • Modelling lamp halogen 200Watt to 1000Watt
  • All compact flash are with equipped a fan
  • Flash is synchronise for video camera
  • Metal housing with highest stability

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